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Today is 7/28/2014
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Ned Gladfelter
 Email address:
 Phone/Voicemail:  302-475-3990
 Room:  Main Office

About Me

My Education:  
Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Wilmington University,
Master of Music in Music Therapy, Western Michigan University,
Bachelor of Music in Education and Therapy, Mansfield University of PA.
My Experience: 
Assistant Principal, Mount Pleasant Elementary School 2007-2011
Music Therapist and Educator, The Pilot School, 1992-2007
Teaching Philosophy:  

First and foremost we need to develop strong, positive relationships with each of our students and their families.  We should then use a balanced approach that taps into the unique learning styles and interests of the students we teach. The emotional, social, physical, artistic, as well as intellectual needs of the child should be taken into consideration as we develop lessons and activities.

Our aim should be to make learning engaging and to leave our students wanting to learn more.  We should develop discipline and independence within our students as they become confident in their abilities. Students should be active participants in the learning process, working collaboratively and cooperatively as they interact with others. Students should be encouraged to problem-solve and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in a global economy.

As teachers we should reflect on our practice regularly to see that our planning,  instruction, classroom management, and assessment procedures are helping our students to reach their full potential.  We should then seek out the professional development to keep us “at the top of our game.”

Our goal is to develop life-long learners who will continue to enjoy learning after leaving Lancashire.
Personal Interests: 
Music, Biking, Fitness, Developing Potential in Others
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